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Mexican Breakfast Ideas in Austin, TX

There is no other place in the world except for Austin, Texas where you can find so many different Mexican breakfast plates ! If you are wondering what to expect and how to try them, this article is here to help.

Popular Mexican Breakfast Dishes

Below are the best Mexican breakfast plates you can find in Austin, Texas.

1- Chilaquiles

This is a traditional Mexican food that has been around for ages. It is made of tortilla dipped in sauce and topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, cream , cilantro, sometimes beans or beef, and onion.

Why are chilaquiles famous?

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish dating back centuries to the early Aztecs. Though the basic ingredients are minimal, chilaquiles are a staple of traditional Mexican breakfast. Today, beef, chicken, eggs, queso fresco and other ingredients are a staple in many recipes. Specific additional ingredients and salsas or flavors are often unique to a particular region or family recipe. For instance, at Los Chilakillers, their version of chilaquiles combine different sauces and toppings to make 10 unique chilaquiles instead of the traditional two. The recipe came from San Luis Potosí.

2- Migas

Migas is another basic Mexican breakfast plate that has made its mark all over the world. Migas are also known as migas tacos.

What is the difference between migas and chilaquiles?

The mix-up lies in the two dishes' common denominator, crunchy tortillas. But there's a difference in that regard: migas usually feature short strips of fried tortilla, while chilaquiles use what are essentially fried tortillas, prepared thicker than the nachos, to add cream on top, cut in a triangle shape.

Migas tacos contain eggs, onions, tomatoes and jalapeños- all scrambled together and topped with fresh cilantro and queso fresco. Of course, you can also add chorizo or beans if you wish to.

3- Breakfast Burrito

If you prefer your Mexican breakfast plates to come with a side of carbs, there is no way around the famous breakfast burrito! There are different versions but all are stuffed with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and sausage. Some may even contain beans or other vegetables, much like an omelette.

The history of the breakfast burrito isn't fully certain, but you can be fairly sure that in Austin, Texas, you can find breakfast burritos with the tex-mex spin, especially if you eat them freshly prepared by a Mexican chef!

4- Mexican Pancakes

Mexican pancakes

Mexican pancakes or muffle is a very delicious Mexican version of pancakes made with semolina, all purpose flour and milk. A very soft, light and delicious pancake that you can have as breakfast with any kind of cheese or jam.

5- Bolillos

This Mexican bread is very popular, even though most people associate Mexican food with tortillas. Bread is often used as a compliment to the main breakfast dish. For example, at Los Chilakillers, you can find bread with chilaquiles. You can eat the bread alone. However, you can add cheese, refried beans, and some protein if you wish to!

6- Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros are fried eggs served on a corn tortilla and smothered with warm salsa. Of course, you can add cheese if you wish to but we think everything tastes great just the way it is!

It’s a perfect vegetarian breakfast.

7- Huevos con Jamón

For breakfast and brunch, our Mexican kitchen produces a wide array of savory egg preparations. This dish typically consists of eggs and ham, served with potatoes and beans which will give you more energy to take care of all those tasks ahead before work starts again in earnest.

8- Breakfast Tacos

Austin is the land of the breakfast taco, the cheap, on-the-go morning staple that Texans know and (usually) love. It consists of a flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, pico de gallo, and cilantro. People may also add cheese or beans but that really depends on their tastes! The combinations are endless!

9- Mexican Torta

If you are looking for a hearty and delicious sandwich, look no further than the Mexican Torta! This sandwich is packed with flavor, featuring eggs, sausage or ham, and cheese, drizzled in a creamy sauce. They are filling and delicious!

10- Mexican tofu scramble

For those who are looking for Mexican vegetarian options, Mexican tofu scramble is a great fit! It consists of Mexican scrambled eggs with salsa, with seasoned tofu. You can eat the scrambled eggs alone or in a breakfast taco. Top with green onions, salsa or cilantro, if desired.

Los Chilakillers: Chilaquiles & Mexican Breakfast Near Me | Austin, TX

Los Chilakillers is a Mexican restaurant in North Austin and specializes in chilaquiles. Los Chilakillers' Menu has 10 unique combinations of sauces and toppings. They serve Mexican breakfast, including the ones listed here!

Now that you know all about Mexican breakfasts, it's time to go out and try them for yourself! Bon appetite :)

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